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Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 5

Back from the summer holidays? You are stored sun energy! Plants convert electromagnetic energy directed from the sun into biochemical energy and store it into sugar. Your body converts this chemically stored energy back into electrical power at a cellular level. You can stretch your hand to the sun to capture it, but from the

Complication in diabetes facial nerve palsy

(Bells palsy, Fazialisparese)  suddenly a “lopsided” face: The facial nerve palsy (Bells palsy) is one of the most common injuries of affected cranial nerves. The paralysis affects all of its innervated facial muscles, so that the origin of the disorder is quickly visible. Most often there is no clear cause, it is often associated with

film photo award 2010: win up to 5000 Swiss Francs!

getoct® and its partners seek the best film&photo work about the human eye of 2010! Submitted photos and movies will represent the eye as a central organ that allows vision in all its facets. We want to promote the discussion of photography, film and a professional networking in the area of human eye diseases, vision

OCTMerger© software

OCTMerger© is a new software software tool for OCT image enhancement and sharpening the contrast of OCT-series images. Scan with your OCT device -whatever you have -the same location (scan spacing = 0) and then save the images as black and white scans in *. bmp format. Import then your OCT images into the program