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Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 3

OCT from third to the fourth dimension Thanks OCT, we obtain information to the third dimension. Flurescence angiography allows only limited statements about the spatial extent of processes The retinal thickness is measured precisely with OCT and an objective quantification is possible. The fourth dimension means a precise control over the course of years at

Complication in diabetes facial nerve palsy

(Bells palsy, Fazialisparese)  suddenly a “lopsided” face: The facial nerve palsy (Bells palsy) is one of the most common injuries of affected cranial nerves. The paralysis affects all of its innervated facial muscles, so that the origin of the disorder is quickly visible. Most often there is no clear cause, it is often associated with

OCT Kraftwerk Schweiz

Zu diesem Service wird eine Einladung benötigt. Öffne OCT Kraftwerk in voller Bildschirmauflösung: OCT Kraftwerk Schweiz Podcast: Play in new window | Download (449.4KB)