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Rescued eye and yet in danger – ocular melanoma

Eine 50 jährige Frau verlor ihr linkes Auge wegen einer ausgedehneten Netzhautablösung. Am besseren rechten Auge: doppeltes Pech! Sie hatte ein Melanom! Das Auge konnte gerettet werden.  Es wurde erfolgreich mit Protonen bestrahlt, der Tumor schrumpfte. Der Visus verblieb um 0.5, manchmal sogar 0.7, wenn die Sicca nicht ausgeprägt war. Nach Jahren trat dann leider

Advanced Keratoconus

In Keratoconus the cornea has not the structural force to keep its round shape which results in a distorted reduced vision. View the images of an advanced stage and discuss what to do best: Download file to discuss which therapy would be best in advanced Keratoconus:  Advanced Keratoconus GETOCT 10 2013 E-Book PDF: Open in

Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT – a solid OCT solution – Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Deutsche Version untenstehend. First Zeiss Cirrus 5000 HD OCT in Switzerland by Dr. med. Peter Maloca, Blueye Vision Tech & GETOCT.COM. ->visit Blueye Vision Tech GETOCT.COM was given the opportunity as a first party in Switzerland to test the brand new Cirrus 5000 from Zeiss Switzerland.   Already the Cirrus 4000 showed its intuitive, compact

Vitreous floaters Glaskörpertrübungen Mouches volantes

Intro: –Vitreous floaters are very common, require no treatment, but are uncomfortable and accompanied by light flashes or peripheral vision loss, they may indicate a retinal detachment. –Glaskörper-Trübungen (Mouches volantes) sind häufig, erfordern meist keine Behandlung, sind aber unangenehm, von Lichtblitzen-Begleitung oder peripherem Sehverlust begleitet sind sie ein Warnzeichen für eine Netzhautablösung. What is the

Complication in diabetes facial nerve palsy

(Bells palsy, Fazialisparese)  suddenly a “lopsided” face: The facial nerve palsy (Bells palsy) is one of the most common injuries of affected cranial nerves. The paralysis affects all of its innervated facial muscles, so that the origin of the disorder is quickly visible. Most often there is no clear cause, it is often associated with

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 1

Diabetes is a vascular disease. The eye is composed of vessels. Therefore, only the ophthalmologist can control the diabetic eye. What is the most asounding fact you can share about diabetes with us? Even in a total decompensation of diabetes, hope will never die. We show you with informed consent a very impressive case between

Christmas tree cataract in OCT case of the month 12.2011

Cataract is a very common, but treatable cause of poor vision. Often, in elderly patients the visual acuity is reduced due to a macular degeneration, too.   With OCT it can be decided whether the cataract surgery may be useful, for example, in case of dry  or atrophic macular degeneration. Since the OCT  laser beam

Matterhorn lens

Abnormal lens formation: The normal anterior spherical curvature of the lens is replaced by an abnormal conical or spherical forward protrusion, in this case like the famous Swiss Matterhorn. Anterior lenticonus of the right eye of a 71 year-old female patient is shown with no history of kidney disease but the same ocular findings in

Coloboma versus change the color of your eyes

There are those in which the iris is not grown together nicely since birth. The leaf tissue shows a gap (coloboma) like an inferior hole or a keyhole pattern. These patients are often impaired by glare sensation, visual impairment, cataract, glaucoma and retinal changes/detachment (amotio retinae). Such a case of coloboma is described in the