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NEW ZEISS FORUM data management – Time is a life engine

Why do you work?       -> Deutsche Version siehe unten No time for your patient, no time for a serious exam, no time for a good conversation, no quiet moment for an explanation, no time for a coffee? Why the hell then do you work? Are you already a real slave of your

Hard Core test NEW FastTrac™ retinal tracking system – full video without a cut.

->This video shows the latest OCT technology in full length- without a cut. This demo film is shown in “real life”, without a cut or ​​any corrections. A young gentleman was measured to test the functionality of the newly introduced Fast Tracker. In the middle of the measurement, the person moves away from the scanner,

Newsletter about OCT

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OCTMerger© software

OCTMerger© is a new software software tool for OCT image enhancement and sharpening the contrast of OCT-series images. Scan with your OCT device -whatever you have -the same location (scan spacing = 0) and then save the images as black and white scans in *. bmp format. Import then your OCT images into the program