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Holographic Unborn Baby @BioHoloVideos

This post was kindly inspired by Dr. Sébastien Barré, Institute of Topographic and Clinical Anatomy, University of Berne, Switzerland. Enjoy an impressing baby! We offer a Holographic 3D video of an unborn, 32-weeks young, healthy and lovely baby imaged with 3D ultrasound and enhanced with a special GCM-denoising filter (GygerCattinMaloca). The images are obtained with

Rescued eye and yet in danger – ocular melanoma

Eine 50 jährige Frau verlor ihr linkes Auge wegen einer ausgedehneten Netzhautablösung. Am besseren rechten Auge: doppeltes Pech! Sie hatte ein Melanom! Das Auge konnte gerettet werden.  Es wurde erfolgreich mit Protonen bestrahlt, der Tumor schrumpfte. Der Visus verblieb um 0.5, manchmal sogar 0.7, wenn die Sicca nicht ausgeprägt war. Nach Jahren trat dann leider

Godzilla has conquered Switzerland – Future King of the OCT Monsters?

Be the first…? We are very proud to be the first in Switzerland to say: the Japanese company Topcon has announced a new OCT device: TRITON.  The ancient Greeks called a god of the sea Triton. He was blowing on a snail shell to reignite hurricanes and to dominate the sea and all mariner. He

Fallbeispiele – Cases to master OCT

Anbei finden Sie einen typischen Fall zum Üben der retinalen Zonen. Please find enclosed a typical case to improve your OCT skills. > Download Cases 01_Dr Maloca (Film) > Download  Cases 01_Dr Maloca (PDF)   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:50 — 18.8MB)

GETOCT OCT3D – Epiretinal Gliosis in 3D OCT

We are able to move in three dimensions, but we feel to be delivered to the fourth dimension of time. No one would prefer a world which is based only on two dimensions. Still, most users of OCT base their diagnosis in the cross sectional images only, called B-Scans and take no care about the

Training on diabetic retinopathy complications

Happy Easter! Hopefully you were able to enjoy delicious chocolate eggs and to start the new week with a lot of power. Not every person can enjoy chocolate as patients suffering from diabetes. We show you a special case of a diabetic patient who unerwent retinal laser therapy, cataract surgery last year and still didn’t

The Original OCT – First OCT Course anno 2003…old but not dusty!

>English version find below Es ist unglaublich und wunderschön zu sehen, wie OCT zum Segen der modernen Augenmedizin geworden ist. Die wirklich interessante Geschichte begann circa 2003, wo mit dem ersten kommerziell verfügbaren Time-Domain-OCT Stratus eine neue Epoche in der augenmedizinischen Diagnostik und Therapie eingeläutet wurde. Für den Patienten stand erstmals eine schonende und berührungsfreie

Diagnostic Atlas of Retinal Diseases offered by Optos (c)

A nice gesture from Optos  to realize rapidly which more eye diseases have to be discovered. Download-> DE_Optos_Diagnostic_Atlas_A4 (PDF). E-Book PDF: Open in New Window | Download (7.9MB)

Stargardt’s Disease: what is it? Fundus flavimaculatus

Stargardt’s disease is a genetic disease of the retina. Morbus Stargardt ist eine genetische Krankheit der Netzhaut.                                                                                           ->English version below. ->View: case from GETOCT database enriched by Dr. med. Filippo Simona, Locarno, Switzerland and Dr. med. Peter Maloca, Lucerne, Switzerland. Register for more details at www.getoct.com.                  

Vitreous floaters Glaskörpertrübungen Mouches volantes

Intro: –Vitreous floaters are very common, require no treatment, but are uncomfortable and accompanied by light flashes or peripheral vision loss, they may indicate a retinal detachment. –Glaskörper-Trübungen (Mouches volantes) sind häufig, erfordern meist keine Behandlung, sind aber unangenehm, von Lichtblitzen-Begleitung oder peripherem Sehverlust begleitet sind sie ein Warnzeichen für eine Netzhautablösung. What is the