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CoCoCo system for interpretation of OCT images

Put nothing into the OCT  image what is not there! It’s a challenge to record a good OCT image of an eye.  The even greater challenge is the correct interpretation of the findings! A systematic approach is described, called GETOCT CoCoCo system: View tutorial: Download: CoCoCo system GETOCT Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 5

Back from the summer holidays? You are stored sun energy! Plants convert electromagnetic energy directed from the sun into biochemical energy and store it into sugar. Your body converts this chemically stored energy back into electrical power at a cellular level. You can stretch your hand to the sun to capture it, but from the

Quiz 2 on diabetes: what is a real retinal edema?

We put together some new trivia questions about diabetes and OCT. For interactive reasons questions are programmed in Flash.   Klick here to play Quiz 2 on diabetes in full size: Quiz 2 on diabetes GETOCT   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (1.1MB)

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 4

Diabetes damages the blood vessels and if untreated, can lead to blindness. The newest discoveries with anti-VEGF therapy in diabetes have their own requirements. One question is when should a macular edema be treated and when not? So far, a clinically significant macular edema was the main criterion for therapy. There has been a shift

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 3

OCT from third to the fourth dimension Thanks OCT, we obtain information to the third dimension. Flurescence angiography allows only limited statements about the spatial extent of processes The retinal thickness is measured precisely with OCT and an objective quantification is possible. The fourth dimension means a precise control over the course of years at

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 2

Indepedent living despite diabetes Diabetes is well known and you can hear it everywhere. Still, diabetes is an insidious disease, especially on the eye. The affected patient often feels very healthy and he is supposedly doing well. If restrictions occur diabetes shows its evil side. Diabetes is like a ball, which was triggered and the

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 1

Diabetes is a vascular disease. The eye is composed of vessels. Therefore, only the ophthalmologist can control the diabetic eye. What is the most asounding fact you can share about diabetes with us? Even in a total decompensation of diabetes, hope will never die. We show you with informed consent a very impressive case between

Interpretation of OCT images-OCT pitfalls 2

Interpretation of OCT is awareness! Interpretation of an OCT image means brightening of something, explaining and laying out the findings. OCT images are some kind of a transmitter, the interpreter is the receiver of an hidden information. Your answers to an OCT image are linked to your experiences, your interest and willingness to lay down

Interpretation of OCT images-OCT pitfalls 1

Main problem in OCT (optical coherence tomography) is that things are interpreted in the pictures, they really do not exist.  Pitfalls with OCT, technical aspect, case presentation,  view video from getoct academy 2011. View new video: Interpretation of OCt images- pitfalls 1_new Interpretation of OCT images-OCT pitfalls 1 (Video) Pitfalls with OCT part 1 optical

Impressions 6. getoct academy Lucerne 3.12.2011

Top Referenten 3.12.2011 6.getoct academy 2011: Dr. med. M.K. Schmid, PD Dr. med. Christoph Kniestedt, PD Dr. med. Claude Kaufmann, PD Dr. med. Johannes Fleischhauer, Martin Zurmühle, Prof. Dr. med. Klara Landau, Dr. med. Pascal Hasler, PD Dr. med. Hannes Wildberger, Dr. med. Sandrine Zweifel, Gastgeber Dr. med. Peter Maloca. Programm 2011: Prof. Dr. med.