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Rescued eye and yet in danger – ocular melanoma

Eine 50 jährige Frau verlor ihr linkes Auge wegen einer ausgedehneten Netzhautablösung. Am besseren rechten Auge: doppeltes Pech! Sie hatte ein Melanom! Das Auge konnte gerettet werden.  Es wurde erfolgreich mit Protonen bestrahlt, der Tumor schrumpfte. Der Visus verblieb um 0.5, manchmal sogar 0.7, wenn die Sicca nicht ausgeprägt war. Nach Jahren trat dann leider

GETOCT OCT3D – Epiretinal Gliosis in 3D OCT

We are able to move in three dimensions, but we feel to be delivered to the fourth dimension of time. No one would prefer a world which is based only on two dimensions. Still, most users of OCT base their diagnosis in the cross sectional images only, called B-Scans and take no care about the

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 5

Back from the summer holidays? You are stored sun energy! Plants convert electromagnetic energy directed from the sun into biochemical energy and store it into sugar. Your body converts this chemically stored energy back into electrical power at a cellular level. You can stretch your hand to the sun to capture it, but from the

Quiz 2 on diabetes: what is a real retinal edema?

We put together some new trivia questions about diabetes and OCT. For interactive reasons questions are programmed in Flash.   Klick here to play Quiz 2 on diabetes in full size: Quiz 2 on diabetes GETOCT   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (1.1MB)

Strategies in Diabetes GETOCT 3

OCT from third to the fourth dimension Thanks OCT, we obtain information to the third dimension. Flurescence angiography allows only limited statements about the spatial extent of processes The retinal thickness is measured precisely with OCT and an objective quantification is possible. The fourth dimension means a precise control over the course of years at

Leica M844 F40: wide operating range

An eye surgeon best friend: a reliable microscope For an eye surgeon are important during an eye operation: a clear and sharp view of the operative field, a maximum resolution, good three-dimensional representation and fatigue-free viewing. The operation is simplified through a flexible microscope, to use the simple and easy. For the patient’s eye are

TRIAMCINOLONE – help with pitfalls

TRIAMCINOLONE is a corticosteroid which helps to reduce swelling in the macula and inflammation in other parts of the eye, such in cases of macular edema or non-infectious uveitis. It prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. It is usually given as a short-term treatment and is given as an injection