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Godzilla has conquered Switzerland – Future King of the OCT Monsters?

Be the first…? We are very proud to be the first in Switzerland to say: the Japanese company Topcon has announced a new OCT device: TRITON.  The ancient Greeks called a god of the sea Triton. He was blowing on a snail shell to reignite hurricanes and to dominate the sea and all mariner. He

The Original OCT – First OCT Course anno 2003…old but not dusty!

>English version find below Es ist unglaublich und wunderschön zu sehen, wie OCT zum Segen der modernen Augenmedizin geworden ist. Die wirklich interessante Geschichte begann circa 2003, wo mit dem ersten kommerziell verfügbaren Time-Domain-OCT Stratus eine neue Epoche in der augenmedizinischen Diagnostik und Therapie eingeläutet wurde. Für den Patienten stand erstmals eine schonende und berührungsfreie

Diagnostic Atlas of Retinal Diseases offered by Optos (c)

A nice gesture from Optos  to realize rapidly which more eye diseases have to be discovered. Download-> DE_Optos_Diagnostic_Atlas_A4 (PDF). E-Book PDF: Open in New Window | Download (7.9MB)

NEW ZEISS FORUM data management – Time is a life engine

Why do you work?       -> Deutsche Version siehe unten No time for your patient, no time for a serious exam, no time for a good conversation, no quiet moment for an explanation, no time for a coffee? Why the hell then do you work? Are you already a real slave of your

OCT Scan Step by Step – Schritt für Schritt

In diesem kurzen Video wird gezeigt, wie eine OCT-Messung des Auges Schritt für Schritt abläuft: unkompliziert, absolut ohne Schmerzen, ohne Berührung des Auges und ohne den Patienten zu beeinträchtigen. Das ist hochmoderne Augenmedizin auf höchstem technologischen Stand. Der Film ist gedacht, um Patienten die Schritte zu zeigen und ihnen eine sorgenfreie Untersuchung zu ermöglichen. This

Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT – a solid OCT solution – Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Deutsche Version untenstehend. First Zeiss Cirrus 5000 HD OCT in Switzerland by Dr. med. Peter Maloca, Blueye Vision Tech & GETOCT.COM. ->visit Blueye Vision Tech GETOCT.COM was given the opportunity as a first party in Switzerland to test the brand new Cirrus 5000 from Zeiss Switzerland.   Already the Cirrus 4000 showed its intuitive, compact

OptosOCT SLO: Swiss Army Knife OCT?!

Optical Coherence Tomography (Optische Kohärenztomographie, OCT): Time ist so short to do only routine work, you can be sure that there must be something more to be discovered. What should you say? There are sufficiently OCT scanner and the market is saturated. The poor ophthalmologists should not be plagued with all with the machines. Are

Newsletter about OCT

We are very pleased if you subscribe to our professional newsletter about ophthalmology and OCT. Take the opportunity to get exciting  informations:                     ->Subsribe to GETOCT newsletter here ->View all GETOCT newsletters online: OCT news Download all GETOCT Newsletters and interact with the professional GETOCT Community 1

TearLab – New Reference for Dry Eye Diagnosis

The normal human tear film lubricates and protects the anterior surface of the eye (the cornea and conjunctiva). It consits of three layers. Patients with dry eye may feel: foreign body sensation, stinging, itching, burning, sensitivity to light, redness, blurry vision, a stringy discharge from the eyes and a generalized eye fatigue. Dry eye syndrome

LENSTAR LS 900 – 9 working animals in one

Haag-Streit has made with its 900 Lensstar a wonderful and fast machine for biometry, this is a measurement prior to surgery, such as a cataract operation or a corneal laser treatment. Experience an OCT measurement in the video stream: It can be used as a stand-alone version or as a separate module. The core is